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    Class suggestion

    I have decided to move out from constantly playing paladin, druid and bard and try something new.

    I wish to take multiclass character
    I would like to include prestige class in my multiclass, but not mystic theurge nor arcane trickster
    I would like it to be viable and preferably powerful
    open to all classes, but have been eyeing Ranger Sormwalker and Flamewarden and Magus
    I have previously played Fayspeaker as my only druid archetype, but this time I would like to try Blight druid

    Planned Party:
    Amiri, Valerie, Linzi, Tristian, Octavia
    Octavia, Tristian, Valerie, Ekundayo, and Kanerah

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    How does Ranger/rogue/vivi/duelist or Ranger/Blight druid seems to you?

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    Maybe try this one I've heard good things about the monk/vivesectionist combo.

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    I had fun with ranger/vivi/mage/EK build and thought it was viable but I'm not sure how powerful you want your character to be... (I'm not best at building optimal builds - I play on normal difficulty)

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    If you roll a LG character, you can try 1 SF Monk/19 Vivi (or a variation of these, like 1Monk/1AldoriDef/18Vivi, etc..)
    The crane feats, alchem spells and high dex sorta allows you to self buff and tank a bit so long as you're using 1h weapon.

    Or create an offtank Vivi using Fauchard..
    Or a TWF Vivi using kukris..
    Or ranged Vivi using bows..
    Or maybe the Bombardier if you favor ranged attacks..

    (Yes, I'm just overtly fond of Alchemists XD..don't judge meee XD..)

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    If you are looking for a melee character that has some prestige class levels, 2 levels of archaeologist followed by 4 levels of dragon disciple would probably be the most common splash.

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