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    GUI or text, which is right?

    when you do a Monk the text for strength says it's good for monks but there's no green thumbs up on STR. Charisma has a green thumbs up for monks, but the text doesn't say anything about it being useful for monks. So which is it? Should i go for STR or CHR?

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    If you are going for a strength-based scaled fist monk build, then you'd want STR and CHA to be your highest stats. It would not be an either-or situation though, you would want to emphasize both.

    However a lot of monk builds are dex-based rather than strength-based and many of them also substitute sensei or traditional monk for scaled fist. If you go that route then you wouldn't want to invest heavily in either STR or CHA but would instead emphasize DEX and WIS. There are pros and cons to each approach but you definitely want to plan out which one you're going to take before selecting your stats/kit.

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