So, Character Customization is at the core of a great RPG, and Owlcat did pretty well in Kingmaker for the most part, but the one place I wished there had been more time spent was in the actual customization of avatars.

I'm not the only one who wanted more of course. Visual Adjustments over on Nexusmods by Spacehamster has thousands of downloads per month. So here's what I'd like to see in future games:

-The ability to change your Class Outfit to an outfit for any class you have.
-The ability to Hide Equipment (Backpacks, Hoods, Helmets, Inactive Weapons, etc) I want to be able to see my hair!
-All Hair colors unlocked for all races (Sure, you don't normally find bright pink hair on a human, but The Player character isn't your average Human!)
-All Hair Styles unlocked for all Genders (It seems like extra work for less choice, why would anyone do that?)
-A Height slider and more body types to create a more robust array of character types.
-More Hairstyles! I hear dreadlocks mentioned a lot on the discord and I'd like to see them, as well as afros, corn-rows, and flat tops. Also long braids and ponytails.
-More Facial hair Options! (where are my muttonchops and my Dick Dastardly Pencil thing Moustache?)
-More voices!

Of course, I also want some non-cosmetic customization options too:
-The ability to grab a Deity (or to not grab a deity) for characters that are not divine casters.
-Traits! They're a key part of Pathfinder! Please!
-Area of Origin (I want to be able to come from The Shackles or Varisia!)
-More Familiars! Rabbits and Ducks and that thing that you're trying very hard to convince us is actually a Lizard are all great! But I want Improved familiars! And Dinosaur familiars (the compsognathus is PFS legal)!

Does anyone else have stuff they want in the new game?