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If PF2's system actually were about even flexibility-wise, which I doubt, then why not let both systems coexist side-by-side and then see which ones players prefer?
I am only aware of one official statement regarding that, a single sentence in Pathfinder Unchained:

Under the core rules, multiclassing can lead to a wide disparity in character ability.
And technically they are right: If you really randomly combine levels of different classes, the result can be of any power level, from horribly broken down to essentially unplayable. There are more arguments against this kind of multiclassing, but yes, as a veteran player I enjoy the freedom to freely distribute my class levels, too.

Why did Paizo cut it? Well, this way classes can be as frontloaded as they want - no more worries about imbalance due to collecting powerful low level bonuses. Further, it's simpler for newbies to only have one way to multiclass. And finally, maybe they were convinced players could do most things of the old system in the new system anyway. Whether they are right with the last one, I don't know.