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    "Beneath The Stolen Lands" and "Varnhold's Lot"

    I haven't played for more than half a year and now I bought all DLC.
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how these DLCs are to be played, and I have nowhere found a sufficiently understandable explanation.

    If I start a new game now, can both DLCs be played automatically as part of the main story?

    When I tried to start "Varnhold's Lot", the game wanted me to "import the game", which together with the fact that this dlc should somehow affecting the main story only deepened my confusion.

    "Beneath The Stolen Lands" has some mention about the invitation during the main story, but I'd rather ask now than regret wasting a few dozen hours, because I misunderstood some triviality.

    Thank you very much to anyone who clarifies the relationship between these DLCs and main game.
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