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    I love this game, I do, but...

    There's a real disconnect when I play as a paladin of Shelyn and Valerie is explaining the doctrine of the church to me as though I've never heard it, or when she's telling me that all paladins of shelyn are "pompous dolts."

    Admittedly, addressing things like this about the character can be difficult, but it has been done in much older games. BG1 had at least one encounter when the gender of your PC was an issue, and BG2 had the class strongholds and I believe a couple points where a cleric PC can use a healing spell in a dialogue.

    It's not a huge issue, but it'd be kind of nice to have valerie throw in a line like "Well, you're the exception that proves the rule," or something. :)

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    Yes, you're right... Sad that all the game texts were so massive, that we had to cut some of the variety down :(

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