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    Blakemoor fight. What's the deal with this?

    1. You can't use any buffs with less than several hours duration (as is basically none that make a difference)

    2. Blakemoor dies seconds into the fight. Just gets splattered, even if he gets the Dragonform spell off.

    3. Archer enemies instantaneously kill the main character who is a buffless Wizard seconds into the fight.

    4. You have to wait for painfully slow dialogue to finish before you can try again.


    I'm pretty far into the game (about to enter Pitax) and this fight just seems designed to screw you over, if I'm being honest.

    Outside of lowering the difficulty, which isn't desirable, anyone know how to better keep Blackmoor from getting instagibbed? Make you wonder how he did all these fantastical things being such a flimsy wet paper bag.
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    What difficulty are you playing on as I didn't have too much problem with proper placement since the enemies spawn in response to your killing off each group and do so in pattern. Then again I did it after Pitax so I was fairly high level.

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    Yeah, I ran in to that problem of the wiz dying in seconds too. There's absolutely nothing you can do since she starts close to him and specifically targets him down. Even when I did manage to engage her with one of my characters before she reached him it didn't help. Even when I managed to turn him invisible before she reached him it didn't help since she has true sight. That is extremely annoying. As well as your 4th point. Really annoying.

    As for buffs and them targeting your squashy wizard, that's actually totally legit in my book.

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    Did you try healing Blakemoore? I think I had Tristian healing him full time.

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