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    XP not being shared?

    So my game just for no adequately explained reason chose to stop sharing XP. As a result, Kaessi was level 5 at joining my party, my main is more than halfway to level 8, and all of my othercharacters have uneven xp. I say this is a bug because when I went to the difficulty menu, the thing said that xp share with inactive companions was still on, yet this was *not* what was happening. As a result, it looks like I have to go reload 5 hours earlier if I want to be able to keep people even and have Kaessi be remotely usable.

    The nearest thing I can figure is that it's because I had toggled on "No xp split" for Beneath the Stolen Lands. If this overrides the settings for my main games, then that seems like a bug that should be fixed.

    If anyone has a way for me to re-even my characters' xp without having to replay my last 5 hours please let me know.

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    Go to nexus and download some mods. With them you can give your characters as much XP as you want to.

    You will need Unity Mod Manager and then get Bag of Tricks mod.

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