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    What skills do the advisors need to have...

    just wondered on custom advisors

    what skills are needed for the various advisors

    i.e. for high priest

    I figure is religious, world lore, persuasion, and perception

    but i don't know if that is true is just a guess for that advisor role

    what skills do each of the advisors need, some kind of list would be good (i'm not looking for game breaking tips) i

    just want to make my custom characters in advisor roles.

    i do use some of the npc advisors i just want to be able to use my custom characters in some of these roles or even helping some of npc advisors

    there should be a way to for custom characters to help out with the advisor roles

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    afaik Skills have no impact on advisors.

    from the sticky thread above...

    D20 is rolled.
    Advisor's ability score bonus is added (Str for General, Con for Warden, Dex for Minister, Int for Treasurer and Magister, Wis for Councilor and High Priest, Cha for Regent, Grand Diplomat and Treasurer).
    Then “+2” bonus for every rank of the kingdom stat is added.
    After that, another modifier, based on barony status, is added (from +1 if it is Serene, 0 if it is Stable and -1 for each step below Stable up to -4 if Crumbling).
    The resulting number is compared to the difficulty of the event and if they are at least equal - the event is resolved successfully. If the resulting number is higher than the difficulty event by 5 - you get Triumph. If the resulting number is lower by 6 - you get Disaster.

    If you want to increase the ability score bonus, you can equip your companion advisors with magic items increasing respective abilities. For NPC-advisors special projects like "Strengthen Jhod's Skills as an Advisor" appear when the corresponding barony stat rank increase; these projects increase bonus that NPC advisors provide.

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    Right, literally nothing matters except the stat associated with their position.

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