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    One wish for the next game

    This is not official but I am sure that developers will read this so:
    I hope all people who loved Pathfinder Kingmaker and wish for next game write here ONE easy thing to add for next game. That ONE thing they have been wanting for so long, what would make so HUGE impact for the game but it just is not there.

    For me:
    - Option to pin down and write a text (in file what will open when you press that pin) in the map / make your PC journal.

    So many times there have been a quest or a thing what I would love to get back later.. ..and had to either try to remember it in my own head or write it down using pen & paper. Even back in Neverwinter Nights RPG you had option (it was made just for simple PC_name.txt file) to write your own journal and make map pins and in these pins write your own text.

    I am quite sure it will be super fast to make (if it is only for one .txt file per every PC you create, not for NPC unless you want to?) and quite fast to make appear in the game (add one button somewhere there where is "Journal" written on it). Pretty same with map, except option for multiple pins per area map. It should not add HUGE extra RAM use (I mean I have now 12-core CPU 3900X + 32Gb RAM) and it was possible for NWN so it can be done.

    So anyone else have any hopes, dreams and wishes (that developers can crush while they make a next game, just kidding here and maybe checking if any of you read this :D )
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    better high level loot distribution. everything was either set drops or a hurricane of repeated dissapointments (thanks artisans! my monk could really use another set of full plate!)

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    Well, it's not exactly easy, but it could benefit the game a lot. Currently my motivation to play suffers due to the long loading times. Every time I see a loading screen for several seconds, the flow is broken and I consider doing something else. A long time ago, the action RPG Dungeon Siege made it totally without loading screens (which is not necessary, but extremely smooth to play). I think common tricks are:

    1) Preload content as soon as the player gets close to an area change. The disk usage hopefully won't impact performance too much.

    2) Show the next area even if not all assets are loaded yet. Players can get used to sprites appearing with a few seconds delay. The action RPG Path of Exile uses this approach for a while now.

    3) Keep the previous area (UI element) in memory. There is a solid chance the player will go back to the previous section, especially for situations like throne room -> kingdom view -> throne room. Maybe you do that already, in this case nevermind.

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    I am astonished that 20 years after BG it is not possible to add custom map pins in PK. Other recommendations:

    1) No enforceable time limits, hidden or otherwise. Fine to have NPCs speak with a sense of urgency but just as Imoen's fate remained the same in BG2 whether you took two weeks or ten years to reach Spellhold, quests should remain frozen in time if you as the player decide you'd rather do other things first.

    2) No "extra" game like kingdom management unless it is accompanied by an extremely clear and comprehensive how-to. This how-to needs to be present from the very beginning of alpha so it can be playtested alongside the "extra" game.

    3) Add a button/slider for passing time so when the player must wait half a year for an event, they are not forced to do it one day at a time.

    4) No quests where you must come on a certain day of the week for the quest to advance. Fine to use verbiage in quests like "you've come at just the right time" but you should never be temporarily blocked from a quest because it can only be done on a Tuesday.

    5) No world map locations that remain hidden unless you make a high enough perception roll. It is fine for treasure on a particular screen to remain hidden unless a perception check is passed, but it is needlessly cumbersome for the player to retrace his steps around the world map each time he levels up in the hope that one or two new locations will appear.

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    Turn-based combat. Make it the default with an option for real-time with pause.

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    Modding tools.

    Including the ability to edit/add dialogue, text, items, npcs and everything else.

    I love BG not only because of the game itself, but also because of the vibrant modding community that adds a plethora of stuffs (added banter/interaction, npcs, quests, etx)
    Modders adds a kick of fresh air and spices to an already existing game and that's why I love them XD

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    Real Time with Pause. A TB option is ok but RTwP should remain the core game experience.

    No reduction in party size.

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    I agree with kanisatha. I'd like next game to also use Real Time with Pause combat. And yes, please keep it 6 party members!

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    More class specific content.
    Be it class strongholds like in BGII, build specific quests lines, or different ways for classes to react and handle situations. The playing experience of a fighter should be vastly different from a wizard

    Also, +1 for staying true to RtwP.

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