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    I want to play druid/bard/mystic theurge

    I know. I still want to play.

    How about this setup
    elf - for longbow access
    cha17 + points in cha

    feyspeaker with air domain and tundercaller?

    you get the idea

    snipper, caster and party buffer!

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    Phew, mystic theurge with druid (feycaller) and bard isn't that bad: You use Cha for both classes and can enter mystic theurge just one level after the classic combination (cleric + wizard). I wouldn't level both caster classes equally, but go for one of these two approaches:

    a) Sequential: Get class A to the levels necessary for mystic theurge. Then class B. This way you have the solid experience of a single-class caster at your first 3 or 4 levels, with no drawbacks from multiclassing for now.

    b) Sprinkle in: Take a level in class A. Take one in class B - now you have several spells per day, improved saves and all the class skills. Now focus on A until you got the levels for mystic theurge, so your spellcasting won't be significantly delayed. Finalize B.

    Traditionally, the aim is to get to mystic theurge as fast as possible. A level in bard or druid only progresses one spell casting ability, a level in theurge improves both, slowly compensating multiclassing.

    The fact you want firing with a longbow on top of that combination gave me a headache first. But it's actually helpful at the first levels, and it might help you through mid game (when mystic theurge gets steam only slowly). You will have to burn most of your feats for it and pick them wisely, though, as usual for ranged. During the endgame, you will likely find yourself casting most of the time, and rarely using your bow, but that's ok in my opinion.

    When it comes to stats, you could reduce Dex by 2 points, freeing up points for Con (more hitpoints, better saves) and Wis (better saves, better Perception). Try to get your attack bonus up with items, bardic performance and bard spells (reduce person!) - at the druid abilities I only see cat's grace as helpful at low level.
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