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    But why don't we just resurrect them?!

    I've noticed at least two characters in this game who could be in dire need of resurrection spells. Yet, I never get the option to use them.

    I can understand an argument against doing it for Jaethal; she was directly chosen by a deity and that deity will probably look at the mortal magic you're casting and go "oh that's adorable" and block it. Besides which, Jaethal likely wouldn't accept the spell.

    But ekundayo? How much of his life could you improve by razzing his family? I've got 12 diamonds, resurrection costs 2 diamonds a casting, I dont mind losing 6 diamonds to revive his family. I dont think that raise dead or resurrection carry the negative level thing in this game either, so it wouldn't be a matter of them being too weak to rez.

    I'm sure theres more cases where I should be able to resurrect somebody to prevent future heartache, and if anyone has some I'd love to hear them. :)

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    This. I would love to see an RPG where the player can resurrect NPCs to solve problems.

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