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    This is not from pathfinder but my current campaing in D&D 5e and it has a bit of house rules.

    Lady Ayala
    Tiefling (Fierna)
    Sorcerer (Wild magic) 3 / Bard (College of Lore) 8
    Chaotic neutral

    Granddaughter of a human and a succubus, she always posessed the abilities to control other people's minds. She is attactive and beautiful, frail in appearance but spend the night with her and your soul is trapped.

    Yet, she didn't want an adventurous life. She had everything in her noble village. Her illusion spells allowed to disguise her demonic apearance as a regular human and she was having a normal noble live. Her aspirations were to study, finding a good man, having two or three affairs here and there to satisfice her libido and curse the world with a child with her same powers.

    But the plans of her Grandmother were not the same. A succubus named Siffilys is using all the female descendents to capture men's souls and extinguish their lifes. When Ayala finally met her man, Siffilys stole him and his life. It was during that moment when she knew what the fate of his father was.

    For many years she was a slave of her grandmother. Every night she took her lipstick and makeup and prepared to go hunting. She even worked in a Brothel for an easy catch of victims. She forgot what love is. But there is a feeling that never fades. The felling of "that bitch who is trying to steal her preay". She ended up developing hate for other women. "All women are whores", they are rivals in the hunt and manipulation and she needs to stay on top.

    Yet, she is not idle. She wants to kill the biggest whore of all: her grandmother, so she can be finally free. Her quest around the world also includes findind all the descendants of Siffilys and who doesn't want to join her quest against the grand whore will die. She had no luck with her mother. She had to get rid of her. She is still alone in her crusade against her granddaughter, but if she cannot find help within her family, she might find some other adventurers out there that can help her to grow stronger.

    As part of the campaign the DM granted us some modifications to our characters to reflect their backstories.
    As for Lady Ayala, she can have maintain minor illusion over her head to disguise her horns as hair so she looks human, but the illusion dissipates mandatorily in combat.
    Also, she has a +2 bonus in diplomacy checks against men, but -2 against women.
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