Provided that the Kingmaker project is as successful as we all hope it will be, what would people be interested in seeing as follow-on games? The framework would already be there, it would require more in the way of writing, character modeling, etc.

For myself, Skull and Shackles would seem to offer some of the open-world exploration that Kingmaker does. The pirate campaign would have a completely different feel to it, and you'd have a chance to fix the broken ship-vs-ship rules that the current AP uses.

I would love to see the Wrath of the Righteous done in a more open-world format, running around the Worldwound wastes.

Hell's Rebels is enjoyable and would be (mostly) limited to a single city, which could then have a lot of work done on world-building Kintargo. Is a city large enough to count as an open-world environment? Is open-world a pre-requisite to be considered for a sequel?

What are you guys thoughts?