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    my penny:
    high magic and large sandbox

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    I'd personally love to see some darker settings, say, Ustalav or the like. I also have a weak spot for the Underdark, it just feels like an amazing place to have an adventure - and also showcase the awesome underground fauna and charismatic baddies like the drow or the duergar! The Vaults of Orv is one of the best fantasy settings ever imho.
    Another idea would be to explore all the different planes the setting offers! Extraplanar travel is something I'd really like to see explored more in CRPGs.

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    Iron Gods... then... but just after getting bored of exploring Silver Mount... and getting back there just one more time to be sure... then Rise of the Runelords, Jade Pedant and any other of the "classics".

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    Hellīs Rebels its my top choice. As an AP i actually like it more than Kingmaker (which is my 2nd favourite AP).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steppenwolf View Post
    Hellīs Rebels its my top choice. As an AP i actually like it more than Kingmaker (which is my 2nd favourite AP).
    Hell's Rebels FTW. :)

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    Rise of the Runelords. It is the classic because it launched PF. Jade Regent cant be made without having done Rise as they tie together to much to me.

    I like Reign of Winter and Skull and Shackles really, but Irongfang would be good as well.
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    Skull & Shackles is my favorite AP.

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    A Starfinder AP would be nice. Bring me back some good ol’ KotoR feeling

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    So, I think that the next AP is Ironfang Invasion and here's why:

    1. Owlcat is a pretty small studio still, so they don't want a lot of downtime between games for financial reasons so we're probably looking at a game with a faster turnover. That means as many of the assets and as much of the engine as possible being reused.

    2. Owlcat's top brass have demonstrated a preference for APs where the Player can "build their own story." That is to say, APs that aren't particularly railroad-y, and that have an element of building something to them.

    3. Owlcat are greatly influenced by Baldur's Gate and enjoy making games with a Baldur's Gate sort of feel to them.

    So let's try and narrow down the intersection on the Venn Diagram of these three categories:

    First, we want an AP set in a temperate forested region, with maybe some first world, and given that DLC 3 is basically a giant set of assets for the Darklands, we're probably looking at that preferentially as well. That leaves the following APs listed in order of descending likelihood:
    Ironfang Invasion (would require very few new art assets)
    Second Darkness (would require less new art assets than most, but still requires some substantial additions)
    Giant Slayer (would require a couple dungeons worth of new assets but most assets are reusable)
    Strange Aeons (would also require a lot of new assets, and I think I remember hearing that the head studio devs aren't fond of Lovecraft in an AMA).

    Second, the APs where you get to build something for yourself:
    Ironfang Invasion (the Militia System and creating a new country)
    Council of Thieves (the rebellion system and building a new Westcrown)
    Skull and Shackles (Managing a new fleet and building a pirate armada)
    Hell's Rebels (The Rebellion System and building a new Duchy of Ravounel)

    Third, the APs that have a Baldur's gate feel:
    Ironfang Invasion
    Rise of the Runelords
    Carrion Crown
    Strange Aeons

    So Ironfang Invasion seems to meet all three criteria, and as an added bonus since it it seems likely that DLC 3 was created as a way to prep for the next AP Ironfang can definitely use the Darklands assets.

    I think Ironfang is the most likely the next AP we'll see.

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