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    Sorry for the delayed replies, the whole team is incredibly busy right now. Answers I have so far:
    - It's a nice idea, but right now charisma/persuasion won't have an influence on vendor pricing
    - Vendor pricing for buying stuff will be inspired by the AP and pen&paper Pathfinder. Prices for selling loot, however, will be lower
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    Even if it is not when at a vendor, it would be extremely helpful to have at least one place - perhaps our stronghold - where we can access all of our companions' inventories and paperdolls simultaneously, so that items can be optimally and efficiently distributed across everyone. That way every companion will have the proper equipment for them, and you don't have to keep swapping out equipment every time you change your party composition, which is such a huge pain as it was in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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    BK, may I ask news on the community goals? I believe we must have reached a new goal by now(or two).
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