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    Some players have spellbook-apps on their mobiles, some use spell-cards, some use their character-sheet.

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    Character sheet (Adjust number on the sheet, then reprint every level): (2nd page "Equipment & Magic Items" is big enough for a cramped spellbook)
    3 and 6 page versions of this sheet

    At the table reference on my phone (And physical CRB at the table):
    This has everything I need because all the games I play are typically PRD only... winners don't need supplements

    For campaign specific items;

    Another player at the table uses Hero Labs, which is great because she can instantly adjust to conditions, buffs, etc. But that can get pricey at ~150USD for the full PRD (current), and then 25USD per campaign.

    EDIT: Danmit, you got me distracted at work. I just found Pathbuilder. It looks like a pretty impressively complete character planner, but that's away from the table. EDIT 2: Dang, I found 2 bugs in the one build that I made. The feats prereqs are there, and the abilities are nicely laid out, but the math doesn't seem to be implemented very well yet.
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    I've taken to running my games on Roll20 while using Discord for voice. It's not perfect but it the best solution I've come across.

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    Well, we are playing very low tech. We use 1-2 laptops for the dozens of rulebooks, and that's all.

    For a long time we used whateer was available - spare dice, coins, Descent boardgame parts - to simulate combat. In the last 2 years we purchased a few Pathfinder pawn sets and maps, which is a huge upgrade! I also preordered Traps&Treasures pawns, which I hope will be usefull too.

    The players use regular character sheets, from here :

    I think this is the best source for a personalized PF charsheet, and also has some usefull sheets for GM's.

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